Social Changes of Adolescent-

Parenting an adolescent sometimes a heart-wrenching, stressful but wonderful. They already saw things that they dont need to see, like eczema photos for example. There are lots of adventour they say. You have to help them negotiate from emotional, physical, emotional and social transition as well, that they will becoming soon free and have their own nest of family.

Let’s talk about their social changes. During the adolescent times, their social focos from family to their peers. This is absolutely frightening for more parents because some peers have poor judgement, as well you kid. Peer pressure can sometimes lead to unwise choices and can lead your child to dangerous activities like smoking and drinking alcohol, for some bad result to drugs. This is the time some parents don’t know what is the right thing to do, some having parenting advice. But remember, your role at this time is changing. Your now is to guide them fledging adult through the teen years and let them go.

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